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GGT SSC Smartmeter System


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The Jockey Club Global Graduate Tower (GGT) Smart Campus is a project under the Sustainable Smart Campus as a Living Lab (SSC).

This SSC project is going to install advanced technologies to monitor student hall energy consumption and provide an improved and efficient online payment system for power consumption in each bedroom. This will be done by installing smart meters to record the room’s electrical energy consumption and populate the data into the IBM IoT cloud for analysis.

To learn more about the SSC project, please visit HERE.

Student Housing and Residential Life Office (SHRLO) provides daily operational admin support for the system installed in GGT.


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Data Available

The new system has been fully launched since 1 October 2022 and residents will be able to log in to the system's website and view the following information:

A. Daily, weekly, and monthly real-time energy consumption for your bedroom in GGT

B. Consumption data for air-conditioning, wall sockets and lighting

C. Settle monthly utility charges Invoice

D. Real-time availability of washers and dryers in all laundry rooms

Residents can access the system at HERE and log in with their ITSC account.

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Monthly Utility Charges Invoice

GGT resident(s) in each bedroom is required to settle a monthly invoice for utility charges combining the following two fees:

  1. a fixed monthly fee $100 for common areas utility consumption; 
  2. a consumption fee of their assigned bedroom as measured by the Smartmeter. The utility charge for bedrooms is currently priced at a flat rate of HK$1.3/unit.

The utility charge monthly invoice will be sent to residents via ITSC email at the beginning of the subsequent month (e.g. on 1 November for October's invoice).

Different pricing schemes such as tiers with incentives could be implemented in the future subject to the discretion of the SSC project team based on educational research needs and other factors.

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There are two ways to settle the monthly utility charges invoice:

1) Settle Directly via Online Electronic Payment

Within 5 days from the issuance of the invoice, residents may click on the payment button in the invoice and settle it directly using the available electronic payment methods*.

2) Posting of Charges to SIS

If the invoice is not settled by the middle of each month, the invoice will be posted to the Student Information System (SIS) as an outstanding charge under the respective resident(s)#

For details about charges posted on SIS and payment method, please visit here and select "Charges and Payment (PG).

* Currently, the following electronic payment methods are available directly on the Smartmeter System:

1) Credit Card (Visa/Master); 2) FPS; 3) Alipay; 4) WeChat Pay.

# For double room, the charges will be divided and billed on a 50/50 basis to SIS under both residents from the same double room.

For couple room and single room, the charges will be billed in full under the official hall offer receiving resident of the room.

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Access to System

Residents can access the system at HERE and log in with ITSC account to view the electricity consumption details, view their monthly utility charges invoice and settle it directly online. 

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For any questions, please contact us by email at