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Hall Charges​


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The accommodation charges for the entire Residential Year 2024-25 for RPg students are listed below for reference.

Room Type

Available In

Charge (HK$) per month

Single Room in 4-person Apartment

University Apartments Towers A & B

(utility charges already included)


Single Room in 5-person Apartment


Double Room in 5-person Apartment


Single Room


(air-conditioning charges to be paid according to consumption)


Single Room


(Charges per consumption: here)


Double Room


Room for Married Couple



  1. The calculation of the monthly hall charge is as follows. Slight differences may occur due to rounding up to the nearest dollar.
    Daily Rate x Number of days per month + Fixed utility charge (for University Apartments only, varies for room types)
  2. Laundry charges are NOT included in the charges listed above.
  3. Accommodation charges must be paid in FULL and are non-refundable and non-transferable. Students who accept the housing offers are committed to pay the accommodation charges of the ENTIRE period they have accepted irrespective of their actual days of stay.
  4. Students who failed to check-in within given period and/or failed inform SHRLO about his/her late check-in, their hall offer may be recovered, and assess a fee incurred for the residential period they have accepted even if the hall offer is being cancelled after the deadline. 


Payment Schedule

Accommodation charges are to be paid in monthly instalments. Monthly charges are posted to SIS in the second week of each month and are to be settled by the end of each month. 

Example: for accommodation charges for October 2024,

  •  Charge will be posted to SIS in the 2nd week of October 2024 (before 15 October 2024)
  •  Charge will be due on 30 October 2024

[For New RPg only] 

  • For accommodation charge for August and September 2024, the payment due date is 29 September 2024; students with PGS may wait for their PGS in September 2024 to automatically pay for their charges for August & September 2024


Payment Method

For postgraduate studentship (PGS) recipients

Residents concerned will receive system notification upon charge posting. If the resident concerned has PGS, only the accommodation charge will be settled by the PGS within a few days after posting, and the PGS disbursed would be the remaining amount after deducting necessary fees.


For non-PGS recipients

The accommodation charges are to be paid in monthly instalments. Students may log in to SIS via myPortal at HERE (under Student Centre) to view the charge statement and settle the charges by the payment due date upon receipt of the charge posting notification. Please also be advised to keep a copy of the payment record in case there are any problems. Details of the payment methods accepted by the University are available here, failure to settle the accommodation charges before the deadline may result in the cancellation of the offer without prior notification. 

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Room Types and Charges