Residents - UG Hall/Room Swapping (Spring 2024)


The Official Hall/ Room Swapping for Spring 2023-24 will commence soon, please pay attention to the following details: ​


Accepted Period:  From 1 to 8 February 2024 (Both days inclusive)
Application Method:
  1. Complete the Hall/ Room Swapping Application form ^​
  2. Submit form​
    1. Room Swapping – Submit to your own hall counter​
    2. Hall Swapping – Submit identical forms to both hall’s counters respectively
Application Results:
  1. Notification to applicants via email​
  2. Approved applicants should complete the required procedure at their respective Hall Office on a specific date​
  3. Settle hall fee differences via Student Information System (SIS) *

^The Hall/ Room Swapping Application is attached and also available in hall offices. ​

*In the case of swapping between different room types, the paid hall fee will be refunded to SIS and may be credited to cover any outstanding fees in the student’s SIS account.​


Failure to complete any part of the swapping procedure by the designated date will result in the automatic withdrawal of the swapping application without prior notice, no matter the status of approval.​

Official swapping is necessary to maintain a truthful resident record for safety and security purposes. Unauthorized swapping is FORBIDDEN and will lead to subsequent disciplinary actions.​

Should you have any questions, please email us at Thank you.​