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Can I choose my hall/room​


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Hall and Room Allocation

Applicants are required to indicate 2 room type preferences in the housing application. Hall and Room Allocation will be made by considering residents’ preferences (within the same batch of housing offers), subject to availability. Those who cannot assigned to any of their preferred room type(s) due to supply and demand imbalance will be assigned on a random basis. There is NO GUARANTEE of specified student hall/ room type/ roommate assignment. Student Housing and Residential Life Office and the Residence Master reserve the right to make alternative assignment decisions or re-assign students as appropriate.

There are no building preferences but only room type preferences in the housing application:


Room Type

Jockey Club Global Graduate Tower (GGT)#

Double Room

Couple Room^

Single Room

University Apartments (Tower A and Tower B)

Single Room in 4-person apartment

Single Room in 5-person apartment

Double Room in 5-person apartment

Stephen Kam Chuen Cheong Hall (SKCC Hall)

Single Room

# As the new UG Hall construction project located behind GGT is in progress, applicants are reminded that there will be dust and noise disturbances generated from the new project aforementioned nearby GGT in daytime.

^ Other room type preference in housing application will be considered if application from room for married couple is unsuccessful.

Note: Successful hall applicants who are current residents in Spring 2024 and indicate the same preference as their current bedspaces in the hall application of Residential Year 2024-25 are likely to be assigned to their current bedspaces subject to room availability.


Couple Room Admission and Allocation

Rooms for married couples are available in GGT for RPg students to apply for. More information on GGT is available here.

Applicants who would like to apply for couple rooms MUST indicate this room type as their 1st preference in their hall application form and submit the marriage certificate to the hall system within application period. Otherwise, their application for couple rooms will NOT be considered. 

Allocation of couple rooms is subject to proof verification and room availability. In case the demand is greater than the supply, applicants will be allocated to other room types and added to the waitlist for couple rooms. They will receive notification once couple rooms become available.

There are certain criteria for applying for such room type:

  • Applicant has to be eligible for student accommodation
  • Spouse of applicant has to have the right to stay in Hong Kong (eg. right to land in Hong Kong, valid visa etc.) for the entire residential period of the applicant applying for
  • Proof of legal marriage with spouse is required to submit within application period
  • Applicant can only apply for such room for self and his/her spouse; those with children cannot apply for such room type
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