Hall Point Result for RY 2024-25 (CUG)

Hall Point Result for RY 2024-25 (CUG)

22-26 Apr 2024

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Release of Hall Points Result for Continuing UGs Housing Application for RY2024-25​

Any applicants who have declared for hall points at the application should receive notification(s) of the hall points result between 22 Apr and 26 Apr 2024 (both dates inclusive) at their own ITSC email account, EXCEPT for hall points under the Leadership and Contribution to Campus Life section for the upcoming year (2024-25) and the Higher Points nomination under Sports Societies & Teams both the current and upcoming year (2023-24 & 2024-25), which will be released by mid-May, please stay tuned.

If you have declared for hall points, but do not receive any notification(s) after the said period. It is your responsibility to check with the Student Housing and Residential Life Office by writing to ughousing@ust.hk by 30 April 2024. Any late inquiries will not be considered.​

If you disagree with the announced hall points result, you may raise an appeal to the Hall Admissions and Selection Committee on or before 12 noon, 3 May 2024. Any late appeal will NOT be considered. However, all appeal cases will be excluded from the first round of hall offers.