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How to Apply


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An application link will be available for application submission during the specified application period.

Only those who have successfully submitted a hall application within the specified application period will be considered for student accommodation according to the Hall Allocation Policy, including those under the priority housing stream and hall point system. Students are strongly recommended to read through the Important Information before Application:

Rules for Admission Procedures​

UG Hall Admission Methods

Verification of Documentation is REQUIRED in the following sections:

Examples per section are available via the above links. Applicants are responsible for reading through the guidelines and examples to ensure the accuracy and validity of information, including all proofs and supporting evidence that facilitates the hall officers in verifying the eligibility for the claim status.

Provision of false or inaccurate information will lead to strict DISQUALIFICATION and CANCELLATION of the hall applications and associated offers. You may also be held accountable for subsequent disciplinary actions and legal consequences. 

In case of doubts, the applicant should contact the Student Housing and Residential Life Office before submitting the supporting documents. 

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