Welcome to UG Hall VI

A total of 16 wings in a 10-storey building accommodating a total of 574 residents including 390 students in double rooms and 176 students in triple rooms.

Hall Facilities

There are two types of room in UG Hall VI:

  • Double Room
  • Triple Room

All bedrooms in UG Hall VI are fully furnished and air-conditioned. A chair, a desk, a wardrobe, a bookshelf, internet outlet port and a bed with mattress are provided in the room for each resident. Besides, there is a washing basin in each room. Electronic meters are installed for the air conditioners so that residents are charged according to actual electricity consumption.

In UG Hall Vl, the pantry is designed to be together with common room.
A pantry, equipped with a sink, drinking fountain, a refrigerator, a microwave oven and an electric water boiler, is located beside the common room. There are no cooking facilities in the pantry nor in any other areas in the hall premises

In UG Hall Vl, the pantry is designed to be together with common room.
There is a common room located in each wing of each floor where residents can meet and socialize. Television, sofa, newspapers and telephone are provided.

There is one bathroom in each wing, each with 4 toilets and 4 showers. They are designed unisex.
Hot water is provided in the showers.

The laundry is equipped with 6 washing machines and 6 drying machines. All are smart card/coin-operated. Irons and ironing boards are provided upon request and subject to availability.

For enquiries, please email ughvi@ust.hk