Looking for more Hall Activities?

Get yourself ready to be a resident

The Residence Hall is not only a place that you live, but it is also a community where you will learn, and in turn contribute to campus and hall life. Aside from academic pursuits, participating in hall activities is a great way to get to know people, discover the campus, and partake in a journey or self-discovery. 

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Hall Orientation is an excellent opportunity for residents to meet with each other in a casual and relaxed setting whilst enjoying dinner.

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The Hall Education Team organizes regular floor gatherings, which allows the exchange of ideas, discussion of problems and social interaction.


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Our Hall Tutors and Student Leaders in the Hall organize educational workshops for residents with common interests to learn from each other.

Dine and Share allows residents to dine, social and learn with old and new friends in a relaxed dining environment. Residents can choose to join according to different themes and topics of their interests. It is an excellent platform for residents to gain non-textbook knowledge on different topics from professionals while dining with friends, nourishing residents nutritionally and emotionally and learning more non-textbook knowledge outside their own major studies. 

The host of the Dine and Share are professionals and expertise in the fields, including our University’s staff, Residence Masters etc.