Student hall is where it all starts! 

Discover a unique living environment where you will find friendship, be part of a community, and have stories to last a lifetime. 

A melting pot of culture and personalities, hall life will enhance your intellectual abilities and cosmopolitan sensibilities, and offer experiences to define your university years.  

It will be challenging at times, and yet always rewarding. In an atmosphere of respect for others, you will have a healthy study and living space, and with your peers, embark upon a journey you will treasure for life. 

Want to know more? Take a look at our tips on Hall Life.  

Tips on Hall Life: What you should know 

You are now entering what will be a special period of your life. Halls are more than just a place to study, they offer the opportunity to make life long friends and experience a true sense of community. 

Hall residents are expected to be considerate, self-disciplined, respectful of others, and maintain a healthy study and living environment. You will be with students from different countries and cultures, with diverse lifestyles and habits. Embracing respect and diversity is key to self-growth, learning and the common good.

Want to know more? Take a look at our tips below

How to get along with roommates?

Living with roommates with different backgrounds is not a simple task. Efforts need to be made to create a harmonious living environment.

  • Self-Introduction upon Moving-in: Introduce yourself and get to know each other.
  • Work out an agreement:  It is better to share and agree with roommates what you prefer and the “bottom line”.
  • Room Hygiene and Quiet Hours: Keep your room clean and tidy, courtesy hours after 11pm.
  • Mutual Understanding and Respect: Do not assume your roommates have the same habits or lifestyle like yours. Try your best to put your feet in his/her shoes. Have an open conversation with your roommates and make the corresponding adjustment.
How to make hall life more rewarding?
  • Meet your Residence Master, Residential Life Officer and Hall Tutor:  Find out who they are and tell them your expectation.
  • Take part in activities:  Various kinds of activities are organized for you to meet and to learn from your fellow hallmates.
  • Organize activities: Grasp the opportunity to plan events for your fellow hallmates to share and to learn.
Top tips for new residents

Connect to wifi

Search “eduroam” and login with your ITSC Network Account. For details:



Always bring along your SID Card & Room Key

HK$10 service fee applies for door opening, even during fire drill exercise.


In case of loss of keys/card keys

Report to the Security Control Centre and Hall Office immediately. Replenishment of key/ card key and card holder will be charged at $80 and $10 respectively.


Can I drink the tap water?

The water supply in Hong Kong is amongst the safest in the world. But as the quality and maintenance of water pipes varies from building to building, you are suggested to fill water from dispenser. For details:



Comply to Hall rules

Don’t take any chances since disciplinary consequences would be imposed upon breaching of rules.