Welcome Message


Student Housing and Residential Life Office welcomes you all to join this big family! 


Before you join the residence hall community at HKUST, do you ever have any expectations? The mission of our office is to provide quality management, facilities, personnel, services and learning programs to our residents. Working in concert with Dean of Students' Office and other academic departments, we strive to provide a vibrant and diverse living and learning platform for cultural, recreational, social and academic growth. 

Still not sure whether our office mission fits your own expectations? Living in the hall community at HKUST will certainly be an amazing experience where you can meet lots of new friends, learn how to live with your roommates, expose to ideas that you have never encountered. You may even face obstacles and problems that are difficult to solve. Do NOT feel desperate, as you are not alone in facing these challenges. There are many people within our hall community, including your Hall Residence Masters, Hall Tutors, peers and our SHRLO staff, can offer assistance and support. You are welcome to speak out and discuss with us in order to find ways to cope with the difficulties and this is the transition of how to learn to become independent.

The student halls are close to lecture theatres and classrooms, and you can easily access various campus resources. Our office offers a variety of programs such as living learning communities and intellectual residential life programs that stimulate both educational and social development. You are also encouraged to join various activities organized by, Residence Masters, Hall Tutors and student groups. 

We are sure that it’s going to be an unforgettable experience for you to be involved in our campus life at HKUST!


Student Housing and Residential Life Office