SHRLO is responsible for all matters related to UG/PG hall admission, operation and residential life education. 


Hall Admission Team

It is a centralized team which coordinates all matters about hall application, hall / room allocation, charges and payment, etc.


Operation Team

Each hall has its own operation team, which consists of Residential Life Officer, hall attendants, security guards and cleaners. They will take care everything within their halls, e.g. check-in/out, loan system, venues and facilities, defects and complaints, etc.


Hall Education Team

When you live with us, you will have a holistic mentoring team supporting you all along the way. Each hall has a Residence Master who is a full-time faculty of the University and lives in the hall together with hall residents. The main role of the Residence Master is to provide intellectual and pastoral guidance and organize activities that will facilitate learning in the affiliated hall. The Residence Master is assisted by Residential Life Officer and a group of Postgraduate Hall Tutors. Let's get to know your Residence Master, Residential Life Officer and Tutors!